Ganoderma / King of medicinal herbs

Ganoderma is a precious herb, dubbed the “king of herbs” or “longevity mushroom” and occupies a very important position in traditional medicine. However, today we only know Ganoderma as an herb to purify and detoxify the liver, many people do not know or appreciate the wonderful uses of Ganoderma for human health.

Nowadays, with modern medicine and many research works of scientists, we have classified and demonstrated many specific uses of Ganoderma lucidum with the health of the body. To make it easier for you to imagine, we divide the use of Ganoderma by the organ systems in the body.

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Ingredients Ganoderma
Effects (uses) of Ganoderma
Circulatory system
Nerve system
Immune system
Digestive system & excretion
Respiratory system
Anti-aging & longevity
Make up
Ingredients Ganoderma
Including typical active ingredients such as: Germanium, polysaccharide, ganoderic acid, ganodermic acid, oleic acid, ganodosteron, ganoderans, adenosine, beta-D-glucan

21 trace elements necessary for metabolism such as copper, iron, kalium, magnesium, natrium, calcium. Antioxidant concentration is very high.

Effects (uses) of Ganoderma
The ancient medical literature has recorded the main uses of Ganoderma are: Protection of the liver to detoxify, good for the heart, nourish the nerves to increase memory, sputum, diuretic, stomach support, long life expectancy .

Based on more than 800 empirical studies on individual components of Ganoderma with human health (compiled on the National Library of Medicine page of the United States), it can be divided into the effects of Ganoderma Related below:

Circulatory system
Ganoderma extract (ADR) is used to lower blood pressure, but Ganoderma does not merely lower blood pressure, it provides a more sustainable solution. The content of antioxidants in Ganoderma is extremely high (ROS – Reactive Oxygen Species – free radicals), this active ingredient has a profound effect on the entire body in the body not only in the circulatory system. Therefore, if used correctly, Ganoderma is good for both high and low blood pressure.

A simple example is that when the content of ROS (free radicals) increases for a long time, the lipid peroxidation increases and leads to an increase in bad LDL cholesterol which is the main cause of plaque formation (atherosclerosis). blood vessels). This leads to the risk of a heart attack or stroke that can occur at any time, especially in people with high blood pressure.

Germanium in Ganoderma enhances the absorption of oxygen in cells, reducing the risk of cell apoptosis due to lack of active oxygen (the cause of the formation of oxidative free radicals).

Ganoderma supports quite well for the heart, the active ingredients in Ganoderma help stabilize the heart rate against chest spasms.

Nerve system
We all know the brain makes up only 2% of the body weight but consumes up to 20% of the oxygen and energy of the whole body activity, so the biochemical activity that takes place in the brain is very strong so just a small change in metabolism in the body also strongly affects the brain.

The frequent consumption of oxygen and energy leading to the brain is the highest concentration of oxidative free radicals (ROS) in the body, when this substance increases for a long time (due to reduced antioxidant mechanisms). risk of neurological diseases such as alzheimer’s, epilepsy, parkinson’s, neurasthenia.

Relaxing resting activity in the brain can help reduce oxidative free radicals that restore endocrine antioxidant activity, but when this condition lasts for a long time it can cause severe damage to nerve cells. . Therefore, we should combine with rest and supplement with antioxidant-enriched foods (fruits contain lots of Vitamin A C, antioxidant-rich herbs).

With extremely high levels of antioxidants combined with GLP (Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharide) 10 times higher than ginseng, Ganoderma helps to calm the brain, especially for people with depression or neurological problems. Germanium enhances cellular oxygen uptake, improves blood circulation to the heart and organs that help protect and enhance brain cell activity.

Immune system
This is the organ with the most complex and important activity of the body, when the immune system is weakened, it not only harms the internal organs but at the same time the body is also susceptible to potential external risks. attack.

Studies show that oxidative free radicals (ROS) when in an unbalanced state greatly affect the immune system, free radicals in high concentrations directly damage the body’s organs. Destruction of healthy cells falsifies the immune system. Therefore, maintaining stable free radicals (ROS) and antioxidants are the leading factors to help the body’s immune system stay healthy.

The great thing about Ganoderma is that it contains extremely high antioxidant complexes that help stabilize free radicals (ROS) in addition to high levels of polysaccharides, beta-glucans that help improve the resistance (immune system), activity. This dual enhances the overall resistance of the muscles

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