Ganoderma processing method

When reading online newspapers or online newspapers, people will see many ways of processing, but almost only in general, they do not specialize in how to use them well and effectively. There are 4 most used ways: Cooking water; braking tea; pickled wine; cooking soup … there are still some other ways but not very popular

Cooking Ganoderma juice is considered the most common and classic way that almost everyone uses this method, this is the most effective method of extracting Ganoderma lucidum when Tu researched some foreign documents.

1. Processing lingzhi:
Whole ears: There are many people who have mushrooms, but this will take time to extract, this is okay but not effective.
Blending powder: Using Ganoderma powder to cook water is easy to extract, but it must be settled to settle before drinking, if drinking the residue is really bad for the digestive tract in the long run because the mushroom residue is also wood. If you want to use you have to filter through a layer of fabric after boiling is finished, so it takes too many stages from grinding to filtering, but this way many women will use Ganoderma residue to face. So depending on your purpose, if you drink it should not, but combined with a facial beauty is too reasonable with how to use Ganoderma powder.
Slicing: This is how people should use, just slicing or cutting mushrooms into pieces to boil with water, quick extraction does not take much time

Note: Ganoderma should not be washed or cleaned as this will lose the powder on the mushroom

How to cut dried Ganoderma
First lay down the mushrooms and then use a knife to cut a line at the foot of the mushroom with the mushroom cap and gently break it with your hand to remove the mushroom stem.
Put the mushroom cap on the cutting board, the face is dark red on the white or yellow bottom and then use a knife to cut along the mushroom body (for soft mushrooms, it only needs to be sliced ​​hard) when the depth is about 1/3 of the mushroom meat , using a small amount of force to tilt the knife aside, you can separate the mushroom slices.

For imported mushrooms with relatively high hardness, they must soak in water for 15 – 30 minutes before they can use sliced ​​knives if necessary, they need to be tightly cut, it is too difficult to take to traditional medicine stores north to ask them for help.

2. Ganoderma cooking method

You should buy whole ear mushrooms because when the mushroom is whole, you can evaluate the good mushroom or not.

Materials: Many people still wonder “what pot is used to cook Ganoderma”, simply that the pot used to cook food or kettle to cook water is also possible to cook Ganoderma such as stainless steel pot or glass kettle …
Amount of mushrooms: For 1 user should only cook 1/2 ear mushroom (Vietnamese mushroom varieties) about 5-7g, and 2 people cook whole ear of mushroom (remember to slice it and not forget it).
The amount of water: this part is the most difficult to watch because depending on the body you can consume how much water a day to cook to fit. According to experience, about 1.5 liters of water (1 user) also cook for the whole family (actually only 2 people drink) use 2.5 liters of water
How to cook: Put the sliced ​​mushrooms and the water to a boil and reduce the heat to as low as possible, continue cooking at low heat for 10 – 20 minutes (depending on the time of each person). Most mushrooms, like Chinese herbal remedies, this time the water is about 2/3 of the original amount.


Watch for slices of mushrooms that have submerged him to the warm bottom. At first, the mushrooms will float to the surface due to the air inside the wood fibers of the mushrooms, when the water is absorbed evenly, the mushrooms will sink themselves.

This is why slicing without leaving the ears alone, as well as how to inhibit Ganoderma like tea with boiling water, will not be able to extract all the substances in the mushroom so will waste a lot.

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