Miraculous effects of Korean Red Ginseng

Ginseng has been known as a Herbal Medicine for thousands of years because of its miraculous effects and is now more prominent than Korean Red Ginseng. The miraculous effects of red ginseng on human health are immense. It has been highly regarded and is the focus of research by contemporary scientists. Here is an overview of the 26 magic effects of the Korean Red Ginseng Sunshine Golden River

For thousands of years, with long-standing valuable experience, North Korea has made Ginseng processing methods for the highest efficiency. And Korean red ginseng is a product made from Ginseng. The effects of Red Ginseng are multiplied many times, because through processing, the amount of ginsenosides (namely Rg1, Rg3, Rh2, Rb1) increases compared to the average of Ginseng. The effects of red ginseng on health have been scientifically proven through over 5000 studies. The Lotus Center Tay Ho
The following is a summary of the effects of red ginseng on human health.
1. Effective for diabetes: Red ginseng has the effect of stimulating the release of insulin, reducing blood sugar and especially reducing symptoms of dizziness, chest pain, thirst, fatigue, kidney failure, caseation….

2. The effectiveness of Red ginseng for cancer: With the ginsenosides contained in Red ginseng such as Rg3, Rh2 has the effect of controlling, preventing the growth and transformation of cancer cells. In addition, ginsenosides are effective in strengthening the immune system and improving the body’s ability to fight tumors. Reduce symptoms of fatigue and side effects caused by chemotherapy and radiation.
3. Liver protection effect: Red ginseng works to reduce damage and necrosis of liver cells caused by toxic chemicals such as carbon tetrachloride and phenacetin. Preventing and preventing liver-related diseases such as hepatitis, liver failure, …
4. With high blood pressure: Red ginseng works to regulate and balance blood pressure. Effective for people with high blood pressure and people with low blood pressure. However pay attention to the quality of red ginseng and the dosage used.

5. Effects of red ginseng on atherosclerosis: Red ginseng not only lowers cholestorol, but also promotes the activity of various enzymes related to lipid metabolism, prevents the formation of plaques. Atherosclerosis in artery walls prevents atherosclerosis.
6. Stomach-related disease effectiveness: Red Ginseng has anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer and gastrointestinal symptoms.

7. Anti-stress effects of Red Ginseng: Red Ginseng works to reduce symptoms of fatigue, increase endurance, increase the body’s toughness.


8. Effect of reducing the harmful effects of alcohol, tobacco and preventing kidney, lung and respiratory diseases caused by the harmful effects of tobacco and alcohol.
9. Anti-alopecia effect and regrow hair, effective for people with “bald” symptoms.
10. Enhances brain activity, enhances memory, helps to recover impaired memory.
11. The effect of Red Ginseng increases red blood cells, creating blood vessels to restore anemia

12. Improve circulation and blood circulation to help open blood vessels to prevent cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, stroke.

13. Enhance the immune system, help the body improve resistance against all diseases. The active substance ginsenosides act as an anti-cancer agent.
14. Effective with menstrual disorders, sexual decline: Red Ginseng works to improve symptoms of menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea and improve the sex life of women.
15. Enhancing the vitality for men: Red Ginseng works to improve erectile dysfunction, increase sexual function, improve libido as well as increase feelings of sexual excitement.

16. Effects of Red Ginseng in anti-aging, maintaining youth. Today, Red Ginseng essence has been present in hundreds of cosmetics, with anti-aging effects, strengthening the elasticity of the skin to maintain healthy and vibrant skin.
17. Reducing the effects of dark spots, freckles: Thanks to the ginsenosides, Red Ginseng has the effect of reducing pigmentation, freckles, age spots to prevent the formation of skin pigmentation. Natural bright pink skin.
18. The effect of eliminating toxins, pathogens from the body to prevent the entanglement of disease.

19. Effective with perimenopausal symptoms such as sexual dysfunction, hot flashes, aches and pains, cardiovascular disease …
20. Effects and prevention of osteoporosis: In addition to the special ingredients ginsenosides, in Red Ginseng is considered to contain a lot of minerals, vitamins and 18 essential amino acids for the body, helping the body to steam. Good collection, increase the absorption of calcium helps prevent bone and joint diseases.
21. Effective for digestive function: Red Ginseng works to improve and enhance digestive activities, help the body absorb nutrients, enhance nutrients to other functional agencies.

22. Effect of reducing the harmful effects of UVB rays: Many studies have determined the effectiveness of Red Ginseng on the skin in inhibiting the UVB radiation caused as well as reducing the harmful effects of UVB, so it can be considered as a candidate. tablets in sunscreen products.

23. Effects of Red Ginseng on depression: 93 menopausal women were chosen to use Red Ginseng with a group of 44 others taking a placebo. The table shows that the indicators related to depression have decreased significantly for Hong Sam users.
24. Preventing hearing loss: The composition of ginsenosides Rb1, Rb2, Rg1 helps increase hearing threshold during the treatment period compared to the placebo group. So Red Ginseng is concluded to protect hearing loss and cell necrosis.
25. Effects against obesity: Research shows that obese people who use the method of Red Ginseng have significantly improved the MBI, fat index compared to those who took placebo.
26. Control the growth of HIV cells, prevent and control diseases related to immune system deficiency

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