Knorr granule – 400g (pork)


Iodine salt, flavour enhancers mononatri glutamat, sugar, topioca starch, meat powder & bone and bone marrow extract powder & filet powder (20g), meat flavor, tallow, stabilizers 1442, flavour enhancers dinatri 5′-ribonucletid, dinatri 5′-inosinat flovored synthetic broth, yeast extract powder, fermented soybean powder, vitamin A, colour food beta-caroten.



Expiry date:

How to use:

Soup: 2-3 teaspoon for 1 liter of water

Stir frying: 1-2 teaspoon for 600g of vegetable

Marinating: 1 teaspoon for 500g of meat/fish

Stew: 2 teaspoon for 500g of meat/fish