Omachi Five-Fruit Stewed Rib Instant Noodles 80g


Noodle: Plain flour, vegetable oil, tapioca starch, stabilizer (1420, 451(ii)), potato starch 30g/kg, salt, fish sauce, flavor enhancer (621, 635), yeast extract, raising agents (452(i), 500(i), 500(ii)), egg yolk powder 810mg/kg, egg white protein mixture 410mg/kg, high fructose corn syrup, Extraction of gardenia fruit, antioxidant (307c, 320 321, 330) , curry powder.

Soup: Palm oil, sugar, flavor enhancer (621, 635, 364(i)), red onion 25.4g/kg, onion 15.9g/kg, pork 14.4g/kg, salt, dried carrot 12.5g/kg, coriander, soy protein, water, white radish 4.2g/kg, flavoring (synthetic, natural), pepper powder, dried scallions, chicken meal, tomato 3.1g/kg, soy sauce, powder chili, garlic powder, dried coriander, bone broth 2.4g/kg (water, pork bone, salt, pork), onion powder, garlic, shrimp powder, tomato paste, yeast extract, fish sauce , broth 270mg/kg (water, pork 66mg/kg, pork ribs 66mg/kg, salt), vegetable cream powder, coloring agent (paprika oleoresin, caramel group I) natural, preservative ( 211), pork rib extract powder 45mg/kg, tomato powder, raw material vitamin E acetate (DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate) 33.1 mg/kg, antioxidant agents (320, 321), stabilizer (415).

Products containing ingredients derived from wheat, seafood, eggs, soy. May contain peanuts and cashews.